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Silk is used in a variety of utility products.

Temple Hangings (200k) Christmas Decorations (170k) Christmas Decorations (170k) Set of three cosmentics bags These sturdy cosmetics bags are covered in 100% silk with a wipeable vinyl lining.
Glasses Cases (200k) Silk Evening bags Silken hair ties (200k) Silk Scarves In various designs these silk scarves are soft woven in the typical Khmer kroma style.
Computer diskette holder. Document Portfolio with zip. (400k)
The beautiful document case protects documents and makes an elegant carrying case. It comes with a pen holder and a two way zip. The internal lining is sturdy vinyl.
Diaries and agendas Silk covered notebooks for your dreams and thoughts.
Silk boxes (400k)

Dolls of Cambodia


Sophal and Yan Nith are about 8 inches high, dressed in pure Khmer silk. Sophal (the man) wears typical sarong and Yan Nith (the woman)wears short blouse with sampot. Their arms and legs move. These collectible rag dolls, represent Khmer culture as it was. Today this silk is increasingly rare as women prefer to wear the more washable synthetics. The silk is still worn for ceremonial events. In religious and celebration ceremonies,women wear a silk kroma draped modestly over the chest.

Wicker to Straw

Baskets (700k) from Kam Pon Speu. These baskets are made during the dry season. They are made from green bamboo and then dried by holding over a smoky fire. They are brought to Phnom Penh during the wet season when river boats can get up to the village.
Jute Bags(200k), and mats from Khum Apiwat Phum, are made by internally displaced villagers to try and re establish their livelihood. Internally displaced means that continued fighting between Royal Government forces and the Khmer Rouge has brought fighting into their village.
Basket weaving from Rattan.
Baray Tukvil in Siem Reap sells crafts to supplement literacy training in the Siem Reap region.
Baskets of finely woven rattan. The rattan is woven in many shapes and sizes. Open baskets Fruit Tray with stand
Fruit Basket Pot Pourri holders
Elegant free-standing basket

Silver Heirlooms

Silver work is made for Khemara House by the Khmer Fine Arts Association. This is an organization which represents graduates of the School of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh.

Artisans train to do intricate silverwork.


Silver boxes are delicately carved and shaped to produce the exquisite rendering of phoenix, jungle birds. Silver Offering Cup Silver Sugar Bowl Silver Peacock and Phoenix Silver Peacock and Phoenix

Potter Around

The Japanese development Non-Governmental Organisation, JSRC, has set up a major pottery center in Battambang. This pottery produces beautiful earthen ware pots and ceramics. Although not available in the US yet, they can be seen on display at Khemara House.

Use this map to find Khemara House when you visit Phnom Penh.

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