Municipal Provincial District Councilors

Government Councilors at district & province

On January of 2008, the National Assembly amends the Constitution’s articles 145 and 146 to establish the organic law that creates new elected government councilors at municipal, provincial, and district levels. 88 of 107 lawmakers voted in favor of the constitutional amendments. Eighteen Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) lawmakers formally declined to vote either for or against amendments. SRP cited reservations about the administrative reforms, but CPP unwillingness to discuss the amendments.(Source: Cambodia Daily)

The municiapl, provincial, district governors are directly appointed by Ministry of Interior.

The elections for municipal, provincial, district councilors is non-universal, not direct voting by the people. Each councilor (ក្រុមប្រឹក្សា) at commue (sangkat - សង្កាត់) level will have two votes: one is to vote for councilor at district, the other one is to vote for provincial level.

Cambodia divided into 24 provinces called Khet (ខេត្ត) and sub-divided into 159 districts called Srok (ស្រុក). Phnom Penh divivded into 9 districts called Khan (ខណ្ឌ).

2nd Election Result for municipal, provincial, district councilors:
Date: May 18, 2014

Seats (អាសនៈ) Votes Commune Councilors (voters)
CPP 2,543 8,106 8,292
CNRP 769 3,020 2,955 = 2,155 (SRP) + 800 (HRP)
League for Democracy 1







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